Hot Chocolate Winter Wedding Favor

I’m so excited about these winter wedding favors. They were my gift to the lovely bride and groom. Check out below how to EASILY make these! A supply list is at the bottom of this post.

Winter Wedding Favors

For the Hot Chocolate mix: You need 4 things–and it is SO good!

1 recipe makes about 20-30 tubes–as you can see, I had to go to Costco because was a big wedding!

1(6 quart box) powdered milk

1 pound box or bag powdered sugar

1 pound container of Nestle’s Quik

1(6 oz) package of powdered coffee creamer


Mix it with a slotted spoon–a blender would have been much quicker, but mine was too small for this recipe. You could also shake it all in a paper or plastic bag.


Use a dry food funnel to get the mix into your cute tubes.


Ditto with your chocolate sprinkles and dehydrated mini marshmallows. You could use crushed peppermint candies in place of the sprinkles too–that would be a little more Christmasy!


Put a cork in it:) I added scotch tape around the end to seal it a little tighter(I was mailing them as well)


Add on: You could probably make the labels but I ordered. I also got twine to tie around. We might add it later–they look pretty great as is. This couple used gold and burgundy for colors–so pretty!


The appreciative bride when she received. They were mailed. Also notice they settle a bit so fill them up when you make them! Make sure you let guests know somehow that with this recipe you mix 1/3 mix to 2/3 hot water to make your gift!

Winter Wedding Favors


Hot Chocolate Mix (recipe above)

dehydrated marshmallows

chocolate sprinkles



twine/ribbon (optional)

Some tips:

InkScissorsPaper and other sites have all kinds of tubes–printed, screw top, flat on the bottom or curved, glass or plastic. I ordered flat plastic. I wanted them to be able to stand up. They also offer many different sizes.


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