Colorado Snow Ice-Cream Recipe

4 C of FRESH fallen snow (use dry ingredient measuring cup)

2/3 C powered sugar

1 t vanilla

2% or whole milk start with 2 T but you may need to add as needed


Mix all ingredients quickly and eat right away or freeze.  Can be frozen for a couple of days.

Some tips:

**My definition of “fresh snow” is about 1/2 to 1 foot that has fallen and has landed on a base of snow already there.  Of course this is up to you.  Kids will for sure eat dirty snow.:)

**Colorado snow is very dry, light and powdery.  If you live in the Midwest or in the East, you might need more sugar, and leave out milk.  If you just can’t get it right try granulated sugar instead of powdered sugar if you are dealing with dense, wet snow.

Fresh fallen snow: excuse the green light–it’s my porch light                                                               
Colorado Snow Ice-Cream
Colorado Snow Ice-Cream




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