Coconut Oil “Buttercream” Frosting


Coconut Oil (preferably Nutiva Organic). I found a big one at Costco.


Powered sugar


half and half or milk


I’m not listing amounts, because you really need to just eyeball this.  Coconut oil is solid, not liquid.  It needs to be solid when you start (put in fridge for awhile if you need to).  Whip the coconut oil with an electric mixer like you would butter.  Start adding powered sugar.  In the first picture, you’ll see it is crumbly.  In the second picture, the crumbs become bigger.  The process is pretty much like when you do this frosting with butter. Then add about 1 t of vanilla (you can also add other flavored extracts).  Mix until desired consistency (you may want to add some milk or half and half at this point).  Tips below you need to know:

*This will have a coconut flavor.  If you don’t want that flavor, add extracts.

*You’ll notice this frosting is much more of a snow white than buttercream, you will get a much brighter white, especially if you use clear vanilla extract.


Enhanced Playdough

1 C water

2 T vegetable oil

liquid or paste food coloring (paste will give you vivid colors)

2 t cream of tartar

1/3 cup table salt (Good ole Morton works for me)

1 flour flour

scented oil


chunky, big glitter (optional)


Whisk together the water, oil and coloring (you can add more coloring later, but it’s easiest at this point). Then add the cream of tartar, salt and flour. Whisk together well.

Microwave at 30 seconds to 1-minute intervals, stirring and scraping in between intervals. Total time can be anywhere from 3 minutes to 6 minutes depending on location and microwave. It’s done when it looks like bread dough that you have to knead. That means it should be coming together but still a little wet. Let is sit for at least 4 to 5 minutes to cool and set. Turn it out and start kneading (little ones can help with this).  When it looks smooth and feels like playdough, add a few drops of scented oil and again knead away. Add oil till the scent is the strength you like.  Store in an airtight container for 4 to 6 months. The salt keeps it from spoiling.

If you would like to a grainy glitter (not fine)-it will make the sensory experience more layered. The scent is a wonderful sensory addition for kids and adults! You can theme your scents to seasons, or a eucalyptus or peppermint scent is always a sure bet. If you’re into essential oils, you will know what healing properties they may have.

Here are my resources for fabulous, true to smell scents: